General Information

Wichterlovo gymnázium - Secondary Grammar School of Prof. Otto Wichterle
Čs. exilu 669, Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic


Wichterlovo gymnazium is the oldest secondary grammar schools in Ostrava-Poruba. It is located in the largest city district in Ostrava with the overall population of 80 000. However, its position attracts many students from nearby villages. Thus our students are a mixture of typical city and rural population.

Ostrava used to be a co called coal heart of the Czech Republic. Today, it is undergoing a dramatic transformation, as the coal mines and steel factories are being closed and replaced with shopping centres, banks and services.

Interesting Facts

We are official partners (so called faculty school) of two of the largest Czech universities – Masaryk University of Brno and University of Ostrava Regularly, almost 100% of our students are accepted for university studies.

International Experience

Our former Socrates Comenius project:
Contemporary Trends in the Educational Process in the Countries of EU

We organize International mathematics competition.

Other School Projects, Extracurricular Activities and Important Facts Environmental Protection Project – a long-term project based on extracurricular environmental education (individual surveys, films, and meetings)

Implementation of Multimedia and New Forms of Education – official partner of Technical university of Ostrava