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Glossarium Stole the 4th Place in the Czech Republic


Školní časopis roku

On 2nd December, representatives of our school magazine made a trip to Brno to hear a verdict of commission in a School magazines competition. This event took place in the area of Masaryk University at the Faculty of Social Studies. The main part of the program was the award ceremony of the best School magazine competition.

Our school journal was awarded as the fourth best web magazine in the Czech Republic. Although we did not win, we are proud of our work. Among us there are many hardworking journalists. Last year, Glossarium won the first place and now we hope that next year we will see this success thanks to enthusiastic editors again.

Within the framework of this grade, competitors could try workshops provided by successful ocenenicompanies such as Česká televize, Deník, Radiožurnál etc. There were also debates on topics of present-day generation or how to write newspapers and lectures. This article also made during one of the workshops ,,Subjectivity and objectivity in journalism”. The aim of organizers was likely to help young writers and give them new options how to be successful. Visitors also had an opportunity to work with a professional camcorder. Apart from this, we could try a job of a reporter.

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