Časopis studentů Wichterlova gymnázia

How to become wanted


Apparently, I don’t have much time left, so let me tell you how all this started.

My mom is the most horrible person in this world. She didn’t allow me to go out with my best buddy because of some stupid housework. So, the most rational solution to this problem was to run away from home. I packed some sweets and some juice, put on my cap and stood by the side of the road and thumbed. Some cars ignored me but after a while a white truck stopped.

Two men told me to hop in and that they would take me wherever I wanted to go. Kind, wasn’t it?
The car started moving faster and faster. Leaving our neighbourhood behind, the men started mumbling and giggling. It was when I realized what had just happened.

This is where my part of the story ends. See you later, perhaps on a missing person poster or in the news.

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